Laura Finley

Founding Mother and Director, Center for Living and Teaching Peace, January 2008-present.
Work includes: providing training, consultation, and professional presentations on an array of topics relevant to social justice, including but not limited to: bullying prevention; peace education; environmental justice; Restorative justice; teens and technology; cultural diversity; teaching tolerance; trends in youth substance abuse; understanding and debunking rape myths. Also involved in organizing events for professionals and practitioners to exchange knowledge on living and teaching peace.


Areas of Expertise
Peace education: University’s inclusion of peace concepts in teacher preparatory curriculum; comparison of peace education training in the U.S. and other countries; Teachers support for peace education training.

Human Rights: U.S. use of torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

School privacy rights: Student, teacher and administrator perceptions of drug testing and other searches in schools; impact; disparity in application of; legal issues; media coverage; cross-cultural comparisons.

Public privacy rights: Public and police understanding of search and seizure; impact of USA Patriot Act.

Domestic Violence: Public knowledge of; understanding of rape myths; interventions with athletes.

School-violence policies: Perceptions of need; perceptions of policy impact by teachers, administrators
and students; comparison by size and location of school; comparison with U.K; role of school climate in perceptions of and actual safety.

Sport deviance: Perceptions of what constitutes hazing by gender and sport type; support for illegal drug use among semi-elite athletes.

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The Peace Sign: A Safe Greeting and Sign of Victory over COVID!

“As the Age of COVID demands new rules of social interaction for the immediate future, a South Florida nonprofit organization has an important suggestion for how we can greet one another safely and pleasantly…”

Laura Finley
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Date: May 19,20,22,27,2020
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