What we do

We distribute Op-Eds, articles and commentary written by professionals from a perspective of conflict resolution, positive peace and nonviolence.

We are free literary agents to busy peace professionals. We believe that by presenting academically informed opinions, we give the public one of the best, and most seriously absent, inoculants against war.

PeaceVoice began because the war in Iraq was based on two lies—that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons or was close to getting them, and that Saddam Hussein was in league with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. Those lies were exposed all over the world— except in the U.S. Those lies were debunked in the peace and justice media but never in mainstream U.S. media until far too late.

PeaceVoice gets the informed voices into mainstream media so more Americans can decide on public policy questions based on full information and many more options.

We are growing every year. We must continue or risk similar public policy disasters.