Kevin Martin

U.S. support for the bombing of Yemen to continue, for now

“On September 12, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially certified Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates “…are undertaking demonstrable actions to reduce the risk of harm…”

Kevin Martin
Published in: Common Dreams, Peace Action New York state, The Smirking Chimp, Antiwar, The Sunburg News, Sentinel News, Shoah, Gilmer Free Press, Environmentalists Against War, The Russophile, The Reader Weekly, Sierra County Prospect
Date: September 10,12,13,14,15,17,21,2018
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It’s Not Always All About Trump

“John Bolton and Mike Pence must have known what they were doing. President Trump’s national security adviser and Vice President could not have been oblivious that advocating…”

Kevin Martin
Published in: The Emporia , Counterpunch, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, Bainbridge Island Review, Peace Action New York state
Date: May 25,26,30,June 11,17,2018
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Trump Can Help Bring Peace to Korea, by Following South Korea’s Lead

“The developments regarding Korea this week are astonishing. We may be witnessing a breathtaking outbreak of peace, when not very long ago a nuclear war seemed possible…”

Kevin Martin
Published in: Antiwar, Bainbridge Island Review, The Times and Democrat, Sierra County Prospect, People’s World, Gilmer Free Press, Peace Center
Date: March 3,10,11,13,15,26,2018
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Help Wanted: Experienced Diplomats to Resolve Worst Nuclear Crisis in 55 Years, Rookie Presidents and Secretaries of State Need Not Apply


“With North Korea’s alarming escalation of its nuclear weapons and missile programs, humanity faces our most dire nuclear situation since the Cuban Missile Crisis…”

Kevin Martin
Published in: World Beyond War, Peace Action New York state, The Hur Herarld, Chagrin Valley Today, The Johnstown Breeze, Sierra County Prospect, Las Cruces Sun-News, USA Online Today
Date: September 17,18,19,20,October 1,2017
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