Can Our Social Institutions Catch Up With Advances in Science and Technology?


“H.G. Wells, one of the most prolific and prominent novelists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries…”

Lawrence Wittner
Published in: Counterpunch, The Daily Journalist, War is a Crime, Daily Kos, Newberry Observer, History News Network, Huffington Post, San Diego Informer, Tacoma Weekly, Gilmer Free Press, Eureka Spring News, The Free Weekly, The Johnstown Breeze
Date: February 28, March 26,27,29,30, April 11,2017
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Looking for America

Winslow Myers2

“In the New Hampshire primary, we have raised up an authentic firebrand in one party, and in the other a classic purveyor of fear and simplistic solutions—results that remind us of what we have always half-known: we are a country split by a profound doubleness: on the one hand, we are the city…”

Winslow Myers
Published in: Counterpunch, La Progressive, The Orange Leader, Las Vegas Informer, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, Tacoma Weekly
Date: February 11,12,13,17,18,22,2016
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What Do Americans Think About Economic Inequality?

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“Are Americans disturbed about growing economic inequality in the United States?

Numerous opinion surveys in recent years indicate that substantial majorities of Americans not only recognize that the gap between the wealthy and everyone else has grown, but favor greater economic equality. A Gallup poll conducted in April 2015 found that 63 percent of respondents believed that wealth in the United States should be distributed more evenly. Similarly, a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted in late May 2015 revealed that 66 percent of Americans favored the redistribution of “the money and wealth in this country” along more egalitarian lines.”

Author: Lawrence S. Wittner
Published in: Common Dreams http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/07/05/what-do-americans-think-about-economic-inequality
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Date: July 3,4,5,8,9,12,2015

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