Robert Gould

Quarantine quarrels and 10 helpful hints

“My wife and I are both professionals who teach and counsel individuals and couples about how to handle their conflicts better. This is especially true during this pandemic staycation…”

Robert J. Gould
Published in: Anchorage Press, Yes Weekly, City Watch, Sierra County Prospect, LA Progressive, West Sacramento News-Ledger
Date: June 18,19,20,22,24,2020
522 Words

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Proactive Philanthropy: Don’t Wait, Reach Out!


“Baby Boomers are swelling the retired ranks at an unpresented rate. Many of these seniors are taking more money and assets with them than they will need for the rest of their lives. My broker once said to me that pretty much all of his clients want 10…”

Robert J. Gould
Published in: Counterpunch, The PeaceWorker
Date: July 26,30,2016
489 Words

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“I grew up in the first American Dream, where returning soldiers from World War II were greeted by new suburbs, with cute ranch-style homes on quiet cul-de-sacs, surrounded with green grass and white picket fences. That American Dream was filled with square deals: military service earned veterans’ benefits. A union job earned a square deal of pay and benefits. Income disparity between the rich and poor was minimal (relative to the present), as we all sacrificed in the war effort, so we all deserved fair treatment in the workforce. Of course, “we all” were nondisabled, heterosexual, white people, as racism, anti-semitism, sexism, homophobia, and a hatred of foreigners still persisted in this American Dream. It was an exclusionary White dream to be sure. An additional flip side of this dream was the largess gained from the new American Empire, with massive income streams driven by our growing worldwide domination and exploitation as we surged past Britain and Japan and China was not yet on the horizon.”

Author: Robert J. Gould
Published in: Counterpunch
Sierra County Prospect
Huntington News
Date: January 27,28,29,2016
590 Words

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