Peterl Bergel

An Open Letter to the National Democratic Leadership

“When Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be his VP pick, Donald Trump immediately began criticizing her as being too far left…”

Peter Bergel
Published in: Anchorage Press, Galion Inquirer, West River Eagle, Salem News, Sierra County Prospect, Global Diaspora News, The Peace Worker, Times Union, The Chronicle, LA Progressive
Date: August 14,15,16,18,19,2020
386 Words

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Focus on the Silver Lining

“The election is over and Trump won. In a country with a sane election system, he would not have, but we have the Electoral College…”

Peter Bergel
Published in: Grassroots Press, The PeaceWorker, Eureka Spring News, Pace e Bene, Valley Voice, Tacoma Weekly, Popular Resistance, Sierra County Prospect, The Free Weekly, Superior Telegram
Date: December 2,3,7,8,9,11,15,2016
1308 Words

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