John LaForge

Trump’s Ministry of No Information

“The Trump administration has halted, without explanation, the routine practice of reporting the current number of nuclear weapons in the US arsenal”

Author: John LaForge
Published in: Counterpunch, Pagosa Springs Colorado Daily Post, AntiWar.Blog, ZNet, Karachi Pakistan News, Broward County Florida Westside Gazette, The Sierra County Prospect, North Ogden Utah Sentinel News
Date: 2019, June 25, 26, 27
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Chernobyl’s deadly effects estimates vary

“April 26 marks the 33rd anniversary of the 1986 radiation disaster at Chernobyl reactor Number 4 in Ukraine, just north of Kiev the capital…”

John LaForge
Published in: Counterpunch, Bainbridge Island Review, Duluth Reader, The Sierra County Prospect, Gonzales Weekly Citizen, Plaquemine Post South, Donaldsonville Chief, Gilmer Free Press, Phil’s Stock World, Zero Hedge, ZNet, Aletho News, Sentinel News, Red Lion Trader, Russia News Now, Traders Zone, WorldPro News, Nation & State, Weather Internal, Crude-Oil News
Date: 2019, April 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26
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Armistice Day First

“It gets harder to commemorate World War I, because of time and the public’s embrace of, or indifference to, a permanent war economy. About the Great War British novelist H.G. Wells wrote on August 14, 1914, “This is already the vastest war in history. … For this is now a war for peace…”

John LaForge
Published in: The Argus Observer, Antiwar, Nuke Watch Info, The Reader Weekly, Pagosa Daily Post, The Russophile, Common Dreams, Cranston Herald, Bainbridge Island Review, The Sunburg News, Gilmer Free Press, The Smirking Chimp, Johnston Sunrise
Date: November 8,10,11,12,13,14,18,25,2018
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Presidential Nuclear Nonsense

“The Reagan Administration’s 1980s crazy talk of “winning” nuclear war with “only” 20 million US dead produced a lot of anti-nuclear activism — all over the world. In Europe, hundreds of thousands marched against the placement of US Cruise and Pershing II missiles in NATO countries…”

John LaForge
Published in: Counterpunch, The Sunburg News, Nuke Watch Info, Z Net, Transcend Media Service, Sentinel News, West Side Gazette, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press
Date: October 24,26,27,31,November 14,2018
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