Let’s Reduce the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal


“At present, nuclear disarmament seems to have ground to a halt. Nine nations have a total of approximately 15,500 nuclear warheads in their arsenals, including 7,300…”

Lawrence S. Wittner
Published in: The Orange Leader, Counterpunch, LA Progressive, Chicago Activism, Gilmer Free Press, Z Net, Huffington Post
Date: November 1,2,3,4,2016
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Are Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament Agreements of Any Value?

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“The recent announcement of a nuclear deal between the governments of Iran and other major nations, including the United States, naturally draws our attention to the history of international nuclear arms control and disarmament agreements. What accounts for their advent on the world scene and what have they accomplished?”

Author: Lawrence S. Wittner
Published in: Huffington Post
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Date: July 16,17,20,23,September 27,2015

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