Adam Vogal

Why Black Lives Matter To Me


“There are deathbed conversions. I was there for one. The day before he died in 2003, I asked my grandfather what was the greatest thing he had done in his 86 years of life…”

Adam Vogal
Published in: Baltimore Times, The True Citizen, Tacoma Weekly, Denver Urban Spectrum, RICentral, Courier Post Online, Pace e Bene, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, Independent Coast Observer, Counterpunch, Chicago Activism
Date: July 22,27,29, August 1,2016
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A College Education Instead of Mindless Militarization

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“As the United States military continues to sell the idea of joining its ranks to high school students throughout the nation as the best way for many poor students to get financing for college, the will to create true social responsibility for our nation’s underserved and underprivileged children is getting further out of reach.”

Author: Adam Vogal
Published in: Counter Punch
The Portland Alliance
Common Dreams
The Argus Observer
Sky Valley Chronicle
Grassroots Press
Sierra County Prospect
Date: July 11,12,13,22,2015

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