Tom: By the way, I wanted to thank you for sending me these …
I run a monthly community newspaper – and we have a two page commentary section, and I now run at least one of your submissions every month – they been quite insightful … and well received by our community.

Mike Hillman
Emmitsburg News-Journal

Hi Tom,
I frequently receive columns from you but have never used one before in our publication, the Clarion Herald, the official Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.
The columns are always current and well written. Right now, we are trying to better reach young adults, so this column is very relevant to our goal.
Do I need permission from you or Lisa Fuller to use it? Is there any cost associated with its use?
Please let me know as soon as you can.

Christine Bordelon
Associate Editor, The Clarion Herald

PeaceVoice finally caught my eye and I am glad it did.
I am running Ms. Finley’s piece, which can be found here.
A Feminist Perspective on Trumpcare
The American Health Care Act & Gender Bias
I am not sure what else I have to do. I run the attributions at the end of all Op-Eds.
Keep up the good work and thanks for the heads up. Stew
Columbia County Observer

We plan to use this column [Radical Love by Rivera Sun] in Wednesday’s edition of The Tomahawk. Our unbelievably conservative, right-wing community gets up in arms at the slightest hint of liberal thinking, but surely they can see love as an across-the-board solution.
As always, thank you for what you do.
Angie Gambill
Editor, The Tomahawk

Hi, Tom. Thanks for this one, which I will be using in our next edition on May 25 (we’re a weekly). Rivera [Radical Love by Rivera Sun] says everything I’ve been wanting to say lately but just haven’t gotten around to it, so I’m glad to let her do it — and certainly more eloquently than I probably would have, too.
I’m in my second week as the new Editor here, but I’ve been noticing from my emailbox that the stuff you’ve been sending out is useful, fresh, and thought-provoking — which is exactly what I’m shooting for here at the paper. Consequently, I look forward to your future dispatches.
Scott Buckner
Kankakee Valley Post News

Hello, Peace Voicer’s:
The former editor of our local newspaper, the Kent County Daily Times (Rhode Island) often ran essays from Peace Voice. That’s how I came to know you. I’ve been active in the peace and justice movement since about 1967 and have recently decided to do a website ( www.golden-rule-politics.org) which is designed to bridge gaps between otherwise polarized factions of our society. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide on its direction and effectiveness.
Yours in spirit and namaste,
Rich Cook

Hi Tom,
While I don’t normally run columns from PeaceVoice, I’m always glad to read and consider them for our Op/Ed mix.
This one by Saadia Ahmad [Democracy is not demonization], as a smart voice in the election aftermath, made the cut. Thank you for sending it.
The column will be published on the Tuesday, Nov. 22, Richmond Times-Dispatch Op/Ed page, and should be available tonight at 10:30 Eastern time on Richmond.com (click on OPINIONS, then COLUMNISTS.
Best wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving,
Cindy Paris
Op/Ed editor
Richmond Times-Dispatch

I appreciate the offerings. They are good and interesting. Our procedure at Battle Born Media — Marin County and Pacifica — is that i pick the ones I want to save and when I have an opening I use them. I just wanted you to know that we do use a few and appreciate the service.
Sherman Frederick
Mill Valley Herald

I feel very fortunate that PeaceVoice sends my tirades all over America. I’m almost 85 and near the end of my journey. I feel that I’m crusading to save the world – and you and PeaceVoice are waging the same crusade. it’s a battle we MUST fight.
James A. Haught, editor emeritus
Charleston Gazette-Mail

Tom, I’m a bit slow in writing, but I must still tell you how much I appreciate the Guest Writer piece you did for August 19th News-Register. Your personal story is compelling and draws us back into a history that is so important to remember (or feel and even know of for the first time for many, I suspect). Your separating the people from their governments is a wake-up call to look at what we’re doing to people like us. When I have mentioned the Obama Administration’s plans to “modernize” nuclear weapons, people have been surprised to hear the news! You speak of it clearly, powerfully, and in a way that will inform a lot of Yamhill County residents to the insanity of what is happening. Thank you for sharing your skills and caring… with folks down this way too, Tom!
Kathy Beckwith
News-Register Viewpoints

Laura [Finley] —you rock!
Steve Klinger
Grassroots Press

Thanks for sending the mugshot and editorial to the Sapulpa Daily Herald. We find space to run at least one of your stable of writers weekly Rivera, Tom and Mel etc., and I am glad for the well written progressive and thought provoking pieces.
Johnny Brock
Editor Sapulpa Daily Herald

Good evening Rivera Sun–
I enjoyed reading your article, “Democracy, Civil Discourse & Hate Speech” that appeared in the August 18-24 edition of the local paper in my area, “The Falls Church, VA News Press.” I would like to run a short excerpt of this article in the next edition of the Salvation Army’s monthly publication, the “War Cry.” You express so well the need today for civil discourse. As we remind our readers of the upcoming opportunity to vote in elections, an excerpt from your article will remind them to honor the ideal of the right to free speech and the need to find common ground in the public square.
Thank you for considering this request.
Jeff McDonald
Editorial Director
Salvation Army National Publications
615 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22313

I’ll run this one tomorrow [Beyond Winning and Losing by Robert C. Koehler]. So much wisdom in 800 words. He’s good!
Steve Klinger
Grassroots Press

Hi Tom,
Thanks for sending us the commentary by Rivera Sun [Dignity and Respect During an Election Year]. What a wonderful message. I plan to publish it in the Hutchinson (Minnesota) Leader on Wednesday.
Doug Hanneman
Hutchinson Leader

My name is Sean Shank. I am the editor of The Leader in Knox, IN. I am going to use this piece [Reaching Beyond the Candidates] in next weeks paper. I think it has an equal voice that reflects what the masses are feeling, not what the establishment says they are. I’ll give writing credit, of course, to Mr. Koehler.
S.D. Shank

EXCELLENT article [Why is the Orlando Murderer’s Gender Not Central to the Story? by Rob Okun], going where no man dares … and most never even imagine.
I published this on my Facebook page … not a big thing, but at least the thought gets out there.
Christopher Aune
The Herald-Tribune
475 N. Huntersville Rd.
Batesville IN 47006

We will use the Hiller piece [A derailed oil train opens the path for living democracy], although it may be edited for length. Our entire city is also within the blast zone and the railroad is not responsive to our concerns.
The Laurel Outlook
Laurel, Montana

This is a great article [Rethinking Criminal Justice By Robert C. Koehler], and wonderful progress in north Chicago. Too bad it has to become a crisis before we do something. This is the future in criminal justice. THANKS!
Christopher Aune
The Herald-Tribune

Dear Winslow Myers,
I congratulate you on your excellent article, “Inevitability: Nuclear War is Coming” which appeared in Common Dreams. I am ninety years old, and for the past seventy of those years I and others of my family have lived under the threat of the nuclear war which you have predicted. One of my daughters once told me that she had lived in dreadful fear of this from the time she first learned about nuclear weapons in grade school. I believe those fears lasted all the rest of her life (she lived until 1994.)

It is as if we were standing at the edge of a very high precipice, but were facing away from it, and were convinced that somehow it wasn’t really there. I agree with your statement “We have been gifted with the capacity to see – Instead, we are very close to doing ourselves in” is all too accurate as to the blinded state we now live in. I share your hope that your (and my) pessimism will ultimately prove to be wrong. If that were so, I only wish I could live long enough to see such a wondrous day.
Roger Stafford
Orange, CA

Our readers love your articles and we have been using them on our website.
Dave Ramezan
Editor Gilmer Free Press

Hi Tom, I rarely get around to contacting you when we publish the articles you distribute, and I apologize for that…
We are running Lawrence Wittner’s piece today as our lead article…
Thanks so much for the work you and your team do, for the cause of peace.
Bill Hudson
Editor Pagosa Daily Post

Last year, you distributed my three columns about liberal political victories that uplifted western civilization. The columns appeared in 130 newspapers altogether. Then I expanded the material into this book.Click HERE
James A. Haught
editor emeritus Charleston Gazette-Mail

Dear Tom, I can’t begin to tell you how important your work is. When I read stories like this one, I truly wonder how certain officials in our government can sleep at night. Thank you for all you do. And forgive me for not always letting you know when I’ve used an article. I’m working at getting more responsible about that. If ever I were to be affiliated with any news group, yours is the one! Thank you again.
With uplifting thoughts,
Las Vegas Tribune

Thanks for sending to the Sapulpa Daily Herald Tom. We run at least one piece every week in our paper and we are glad happy to do so as it balances out the right wing conservative columns that dominate the editorial pages.
Johnny Brock
Editor Sapulpa Daily Herald

Just wanted to let you know I’m using this in Thursday’s Winfield Daily Courier. I’ll be very surprised it we don’t get some hostile responses. But thanks for sending these editorials along. I will use them when I can, if for no other reason than to get some dialogue going.
Judith Zaccaria
Courier Managing Editor

Hi, Tom–
I’ve been meaning to write you for months now. I’d like to thank you for your continuing submissions–which I try to feature, unless things more local arise–and say: Keep ’em coming! I’m trying to give readers out here in the benighted Central Valley of California access to viewpoints they otherwise might not be exposed to. Or considered before. That said, I want to acknowledge my failure to alert you of my using them in a timely fashion. I know you ask, but I’m usually run so ragged I’m barely hanging on. Let me correct that now. We appear in print every first and third Thursday, monthly. If you go to www.issuu.com you can see an exact facsimile of our issues. Search for Valley Voice. Again: Keep ’em coming! And thanks from an old Peace and Conflict Studies Berkeley grad to all your many fine writers.