Without Kindness, We Lose Our Common Dignity

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Rivera Sun2
“As I’m riding the overnight train from Chicago to New Mexico, an elderly African-American man in a wheelchair is taken off the train by paramedics, police, and the conductor. Earlier, I had heard the car attendant say something about a minor heart attack. The man, a double amputee, shivers in the cold night air as he argues with the authorities in words I cannot hear through the sealed train window. Fifteen minutes later, they put him back on the train, and we continue on our way.”

Author: Rivera Sun
Published in: Counter Punch http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/11/18/without-kindness-we-lose-our-common-dignity/
Rivera Sun’s Blog http://www.riverasun.com/without-kindness-we-lose-our-common-dignity/
Pace e Bene http://www.paceebene.org/2015/11/18/without-kindness-we-lose-our-common-dignity/
Good Reads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6521162.Rivera_Sun/blog
Sierra County Prospect http://www.sierracountyprospect.org/2015/11/18/lose-common-dignity-111815/
Date: November 17,18,2015

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