endless wars

Social distancing? Peace and social justice demand more coming together, not more distancing

“”Social distancing” (or maybe more properly “appropriate physical spacing”) is something people everywhere need to practice in the near term to get through the Covid-19 crisis. And it likely won’t be the last time, unfortunately, that a pandemic threatens us…”

Kevin Martin
Published in: Common Dreams, The Times and Democrat
Date: March 17,20,2020
718 Words

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Confronting Our Toxic Legacy

Robert Koehler

“Maybe if we declared “war” on poison water, we’d find a way to invest money in its “defeat.” David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz make this point: “The price tag for replacing the lead pipes that contaminated its drinking water, thanks to…””

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Common Dreams, Pioneer Big Rapids News, Huffington Post, Common Wonders Blog, The Raven Foundation, Counterpunch, Joplin Independent, Truthout, The PeaceWorker, Gilmer Free Press, Las Vegas Informer, Battle Creek Enquirer, Free Press
Date: February 10,11,12,13,14,15,27,March 6,2016
994 Words
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