The ‘Wall of Vets’ Continue Long Legacy of Veteran Activism

“Military veterans have long been resisting war, promoting positive peace, and defending human and civil rights against state violence and other forms of oppression…”

Brian Trautman
Published in: Popular Resistance, Black News, World Beyond War, Art Voice, Sierra County Prospect, LA Progressive, Global Diaspora News
Date: August 10,11,19,2020
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Why Black Lives Matter To Me


“There are deathbed conversions. I was there for one. The day before he died in 2003, I asked my grandfather what was the greatest thing he had done in his 86 years of life…”

Adam Vogal
Published in: Baltimore Times, The True Citizen, Tacoma Weekly, Denver Urban Spectrum, RICentral, Courier Post Online, Pace e Bene, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, Independent Coast Observer, Counterpunch, Chicago Activism
Date: July 22,27,29, August 1,2016
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