How Business “Partnerships” Flopped at America’s Largest University


“The State University of New York (SUNY)?the largest university in the United States, with nearly 600,000 students located in 64…”

Lawrence Wittner
Published in: Huffington Post, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, History News Network, Democratic Socialist of America, Truthout
Date: May 28,29,30,June 3,20,2017
952 Words

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Guns Against Grizzlies at Schools or Peace Education as Resistance?


“The inauguration of a new President is looming and incoming administration officials like billionaire Betsy DeVos—Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education…”

Patrick T. Hiller
Published in: Counterpunch, World Beyond War, The Sunburg News Pace E Bene War Prevention Initiative The Star News Global Campaign for Peace Education
Date: January 19,20,23,28, March 31,2017
839 Words

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Our Deteriorating Environment: Is Anybody Listening?


“While the scientists have been doing their job in calling attention to the multiple ways in which environmental decline threatens the planet, we hear less and less from political leaders. Their focus is on the here-and-now—terrorism, jobs…”

Mel Gurtov
Published in: Tacoma Weekly, The Press-News, Grassroots Press, Mel Gurtov Blog, Chicago Activism, Transcend Media Service, Counterpunch, LA Progressive, Lassen County Times, Sierra County Prospect, Truthout, The Review
Date: August 5,6,8,10,12,23,24,2016
1139 Words

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We Can’t Bomb Our Way to Better Schools


“From the left and the right, policy proposals are flying fast and furious. It is an election year, after all. But one topic is completely off the agenda from both sides of the party line: decreasing military spending…”

Rivera Sun
Published in: Sand Mountain Reporter, Common Dreams, Chicago Activism, Pagosa Daily Post, Counterpunch
Date: August 1,2,2016
592 Words

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“Recently I have had the great privilege to work with some of the 1,000 Mandela Washington Fellows, a select group of young sub-Saharan African leaders ages 25-35 placed for six weeks at about 40 universities around the US.”

Tom H. Hastings
Published in: Counterpunch, World Beyond War, Portland State University, Transcend Media Service, Chicago Activism, The Trendy Newspaper, Quick News Update, The Russophile
Date: July 29,August 1,2016
601 Words

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