Conflict Resolution

Getting Ready for Nuclear War

“Although many people have criticized the bizarre nature of Donald Trump’s diplomacy with North Korea, his recent lovefest with Kim Jong Un does have the potential to reduce the dangers posed by nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula…”

Lawrence Wittner
Published in: History News Network, Lawrence S. Wittner Blog, Bainbridge Island Review, Z Net, War is a Crime, Antiwar, Daily Kos, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Date: June 19,20,25,2018
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The American Way of War: Evolution Stops Here

“America does what it wants. This is obvious, except it’s also monstrously unnerving. Let’s at least add some quote marks: “America” does what it wants — this secretly defined, self-obsessed…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Common Dreams, Tribune Content Agency, The Smirking Chimp, The Raven Foundation, The Reader Magazine, Counterpunch, Sentinel News, Gilmer Free Press
Date: May 30,31,April 1,June 1,4,2018
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At the Brink of Nuclear War, Who Will Lead?

“Ignoring international partners, world public opinion and action, the U.S took additional steps these past weeks to renounce another international leadership role…”

Robert F. Dodge, MD
Published in: Antiwar, Counterpunch, Bainbridge Island Review, The Russophile, Pharos-Tribune, Common Dreams, The Reader Magazine, Post Independent Citizen Telegram, Rinf Alternative News
Date: May 21,22,23,2018
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Strengthened Diplomacy is the Path toward Peaceful Iranian-US Relations and a Nuclear Free World

“The recent United States breach of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the “Iran Deal” as it is colloquially known – is incredibly dangerous and demonstrates once again…”

Jared Keyel
Published in: Post Independent Citizen Telegram, Superior Telegram, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press
Date: May 16,22,27,2018
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Dangerous Fallout when Trump Blows Up Deals

“Trump’s detonation of the Iran Deal is a monumental disaster.
On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran Deal), dozens of retired generals and admirals, in an open letter, said:…”

Wim Laven
Published in: Counterpunch, Satish Sharma’s Rotigraphy Blog, The Russophile, Bainbridge Island Review, Gilmer Free Press, Madison Press, Open Mind News
Date: May 11,15,2018
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