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The United States is First in War, But Trailing in Crucial Aspects of Modern Civilization

“Maybe those delirious crowds chanting “USA, USA” have got something. When it comes to military power, the United States reigns supreme. Newsweek reported in March 2018:…”

Lawrence Wittner
Published in: The Sunburg News, Counterpunch, Daily Kos, Common Dreams, Popular Resistance, Portside, Bainbridge Island Review, Stories in the News, The Reader Magazine, Z Net, LA Progressive, The Russophile, Press & Journal, Information Clearing House, Lassen County Times, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect
Date: December 29,30,2018, January 1,2,11,12,2019
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The meaner Trump gets, the more kindness we feel

“In this difficult and traumatic holiday season it struck me tonight that a remarkable phenomenon is occurring. With desperate migrants on the move around much of the planet and authoritarian forces frantically erecting barricades, both literal and figurative, to turn them back, this country has shown it is not immune to the global dynamic…”

Steve Klinger
Published in: The Johnstown Breeze, Sentinel News, Superior Telegram, Counterpunch, The Sunburg News, Sierra County Prospect, Afro, Gilmer Free Press, Lahaina News
Date: December 23,24,25,28,30,2018 January 1,5,10,2019
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Road to Ruin: Trump’s Middle East Retreat

“The flight of the generals is now complete with the resignation of General James Mattis—the last of the four generals to depart, and the last to give up the naïve belief he could bring sanity and order to the White House…”

Mel Gurtov
Published in: LA Progressive, Bainbridge Island Review, The Sunburg News, Sentinel News, Sierra County Prospect, The Times and Democrat
Date: December 24,26,30,2018
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A Christmas Miracle? USA stopping a war?

“President Trump has “commander in chiefed” an end to the illegal US role in the war in Syria. And there are reports the Commander in Chief may order a draw down in Afghanistan, the war that keeps on giving!”

Kary Love
Published in: Antiwar, The Sunburg News, Bainbridge Island Review, Sierra County Prospect, Cheney Free Press, Counterpunch, West Sacramento News-Ledger, Brewminate, Gilmer Free Press
Date: December 20,21,24,25,27,2018 January 2,2019
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Should we rethink presidential powers?

“On Dec. 18th it was agreed that Donald Trump’s charitable foundation would be dissolved. The decision was reached as a result of findings that Donald Trump and his family abused the tax exempt status and abused campaign finance laws.”

Wim Laven
Published in: Counterpunch, East County Magazine, Bainbridge Island Review, The Sunburg News, Sentinel News
Date: December 24,29,2018
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Why feminism should not be about fixing men

“It’s a dating adage that you can’t fix a man. I’m not so sure why this is never applied to larger social concerns. The simple truth is men do not want to be fixed. Enlightened? Possibly…”

Matthew Johnson
Published in: Sierra County Prospect, The Sunburg News, Niagara Gazette, LA Progressive, Hutchinson Leader, West Side Gazette, Bainbridge Island Review, The Times and Democrat, The Journal Tribune, Gilmer Free Press
Date: December 21,23,26,27,2018 January 1,2019
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