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Ferguson, America, and moving forward toward truth

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“Recent grassroots mobilization against police killings of African Americans has thrust a long-standing pattern of racial violence into the consciousness of the world. There is nothing new about state violence against African Americans: from slave patrols, fugitive slave laws, and the Klan/state violence of Jim Crow, right up to today’s racial profiling, stop and frisk, mass incarceration, and shoot-first practices, the segregation and racial oppression of the US has always been maintained by violence.”

Author: David Ragland and Mark Lance
Published in: Counter Punch http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/10/16/ferguson-america-and-moving-forward-toward-truth/
Quad City Times http://qctimes.com/news/opinion/ferguson-america-and-moving-forward-toward-truth/article_d3b782cb-5f13-5f6a-a279-81b5634e2b90.html
Date: October 16,22,2015

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