For Students – Announcing the Student PeaceVoice – Letter to the Editor Competition

Write a letter to the editor advocating positive peace, send the clickable link to your published letter (or a hard copy of the actual publication) to the PeaceVoice Director, and you may win a $500 travel scholarship to the Peace and Justice Studies Association conference in Waterloo, Ontario, 17-19 October 2013.
PeaceVoice will award the travel scholarship to the student (at any level) who publishes the most letters to the editor and who agrees to attend the conference.

– The period of time during which letters will be counted will be October 2012-June 2013.
– The publications may be any periodical.
– The content should advocate positive peace, which means peace and justice by peaceable means. Justice includes many issues from freedom to environmental protection to labor rights to human and civil rights to our struggle to end poverty, racism, and all forms of violence.

See how many PeaceVoice letters you can write and send to:
or Tom Hastings, Director, PeaceVoice
3315 N Russet
Portland OR 97217

The winner will be notified by July 15, 2013.