Ending the civil war

“This looks like the beginning of a civil war.
The chaos and violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin are unfolding as I write.”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: The Berlin Sun, News and Record, Chicago Tribune, Counterpunch, Free Press, Common Dreams, Black Star News, Tribune Content Agency, LA Progressive, Milwaukee Independent, Art Voice, Global Diaspora News
Date: August 26,27,28,30, September 7,9,2020
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When to not call the police

“In the 911 call that led to George Floyd being killed by police, he was described as “awfully drunk and not in control of himself.”…”

Mental Health Alliance of Portland, Oregon
Published in: News Break, Minnesota Spokesman Recorder, Canton Daily Ledger, Pagosa Daily Post, Orion Gazette, Olney Daily Mail, The McDonough County Voice, Geneseo Republic, Teutopolis Press, Pontiac Daily Leader, Galva News, Advocate Press, Art Voice, Cambridge Chronicle, Star Courier, Aledo Times Record, Galva News, Camas Washougal Post Record, LA Progressive, The Moultrie Observer
Date: August 2,3,17,2020
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