President Obama

Standing Rock: Determining President Obama’s Legacy to All Americans


“President Obama’s election was not only the remarkable once-in-a-lifetime event that many of us who remember the Civil Rights Movement…”

Ellen Lindeen
Published in: My Journal Courier, Las Vegas Sun, Counterpunch, LA Progressive, The Orange Leader, The PeaceWorker
Date: November 29,30,December 1, 2016
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Up Against the Wall

Winslow Myers2

“Everything on our small planet affects everything else. This interdependence is more a harsh reality than a New Age bromide. A diminishing few may still deny human agency in climate instability, but they can hardly…”

Winslow Myers
Published in: World Beyond War, Counterpunch, Chicago Activism, Sierra County Prospect
Date: June 25,27,28,29,2016
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China’s insecurity

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“Several developments in China over the past few weeks have shown us a country quite different from the one often portrayed by outsiders—an emerging superpower, with global economic reach and ambitions to challenge American predominance, at least in Asia. The real China, the one most familiar to its citizens, faces serious, long-term problems at home. In just the last few weeks these include a major industrial chemical explosion in Tianjian (just the latest in a string of industrial accidents), successive currency revaluations, a stock market crash, an anti-corruption campaign that has landed quite a few big names, and a widening net to catch lawyers and anyone else who speaks for human rights and the rule of law.”

Author: Mel Gurtov
Published in: Counter Punch
Mel Gurtov Blog
Huntington News
The Peace Worker
Newberry Observer
Gilmer Free Press
Sierra County Prospect
Times of Earth
South Coast Today
Date: August 27,28,September 1,2,October 4,2015

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