Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty

Arresting the Wrong Suspects

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“NEW YORK, NY – Here at the United Nations, talk is focused on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (N-P.T.). At about 11 a.m. Apr. 28, I was handcuffed with 21 other nuclear realists after blocking an entrance to the US Mission. I say “realists” because US media won’t pay much attention to US violations of nuclear weapons treaties unless somebody is taken off to jail.
Barrels of ink are used detailing Iran’s non-existent nuclear arsenal. The US has about 2,000 nuclear weapons ready to launch and used as ticking time bombs every day by presidents — the way gunslingers can get the dough without ever pulling the trigger. Deterrence it is not.”

Author: John LaForge
Published in: Las Vegas Informer
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The Reader Weekly
The Sierra County Prospect
The Nuclear Abolitionist
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The Cap Times
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The Peace Worker
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Date: April 29,30, May 2,3,5,6,11,29,2015

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