Truth and Reconciliation for Gender-based Offenses

“I was very inspired by the bold New York Times piece “Eight Stories of Men’s Regret,” published in response to the polarized debate over now-Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Not only is it brave to confess one’s past transgressions, but it is also necessary for accountability, which is the missing link of #MeToo…”

Matthew Johnson
Published in: Salem News, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press, Sentinel News, Baltimore Times, Counterpunch, Bainbridge Island Review, The Sunburg News
Date: October 24,25,26,29,2018
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The accusation that wouldn’t go away

“Sexual assault is such a nuisance, not only, but especially, for Republicans. Here’s the Wall Street Journal editorial board, attempting, with gentlemanly politeness, to dispense with Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh as quickly as possible:…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Common Dreams, Tribune Content Agency, LA Progressive, The Raven Foundation, Free Press, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, The Sunburg News, The Greeneville Sun, Bainbridge Island Review, West Side Gazette, Common Wonders Blog, The Smirking Chimp
Date: September 19,20,21,23,25,26,2018
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Empowering the vulnerable

“OK, here’s a good one: What’s the position of women in the antiwar movement?
This was circa 1967, when I was a college kid just coming of age, psychologically and politically…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Huffington Post, Pagosa Daily Post, Grassroots Press, LA Progressive, Common Wonders Blog, Tribune Content Agency, Gilmer Free Press, The Raven Foundation
Date: November 18,19,20,21,2017
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