mass murder

Mass murder and American history

““Screw your optics, I’m going in.”
This is bigger than hate, this latest mass shooting, last weekend, at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which, oh my God, 11 more innocent souls died at the hands of a home-grown terrorist…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Common Dreams, BuzzFeed, Bainbridge Island Review, Salem News, Counterpunch, Free Press, Critical Studies, Pagosa Daily Post, IslamiCity, The Smirking Chimp, West Side Gazette, Tribune Content Agency, Sierra County Prospect, Common Wonders Blog
Date: October 31,November 1,2,3,5,9,14,2018
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Raising boys to love and care, not kill

“Heart contracts; numbness and tears collide. Ten dead, 13 wounded; this time in Santa Fe. If we’re ever to end the bloodbaths, we have to put gender at the center of the national conversation about mass murders…”

Rob Okun
Published in: The Recoder-Greenfield, Superior Telegram, The Gilmer Mirror, The DallasMorning News, Counterpunch, Voice Male Magazine, Times Union, The Sunburg News
Date: May 23,24,25,26,29,June 7,2018
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Time to Start Campaign to Build Sound Boys and Men

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“Again. This time, the scene was a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, 165 miles south of Portland. This time, 10 people were murdered. This time, President Obama spoke out more forcefully than he did after Sandy Hook. This time, stronger alliances are forming to lobby Congress to pass stringent new gun laws. This time, there are louder calls to improve services for the mentally ill.
Here is one thing not happening this time: the shooter’s gender is not central to the story; is not the big news. This time, few are demanding we start taking seriously the fact that the shooters are always men. That has to change.”

Author: Rob Okun
Published in: Huntington News
Wilson County News
Sierra County Prospect
Huntington News
Las Vegas Informer
Voice Male Magazine
Fayette Free Zone
Ventura County Star
Date: October 7,8,9,10,2015

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