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How We Teach Violence to Children

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“As thoughtful, caring parents, we would never want to teach our kids that violence is the answer to any or every problem. We want our children to learn to get along with others, share, be kind, say “excuse me,” and try their best at an empathetic, “I’m sorry.”

I thought I was attuned to the violence that surrounds us in American culture. However, a trip to a local department store with my kids yesterday was shocking. We stepped into the toy aisles. Here is a quick rundown of the toys and action figures, in order…”

Author: David Soleil
Published in: Las Vegas Informer
Dave Soleil Blog
Valley Journal
World Beyond War
The Express
Pace e Bene
The Peace Worker
West Bend News
Date: February 27,July 22,27,29,2015

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