Greg Palast

Election theft and the reluctant democracy

“As election 2020 draws ever closer, the flawed, easily gamed nature of the American quasi-democracy becomes increasingly visible, thanks, of course to Donald Trump, our Führer wannabe, who sees no need to hide his contempt for any result in November other than his own victory…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: News Break, Tribune Content Agency, Gilmer Free Press, West River Eagle, CT Courier Traveler, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, Global Diaspora News, Common Dreams, LA Progressive, Black News, AlterNet, RAW Story, Free Press, Denton Record Chronicle
Date: August 5,6,7,12,13,2020
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Keeping racism alive at the polls

“There’s almost no such thing as voter fraud, even though the Trump administration — and Republicans in general — affect to be so afraid of it they’ve had to develop a system guaranteed to purge voters from the rolls in enormous numbers…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Counterpunch, Tribune Content Agency, The Raven Foundation, LA Progressive, Common Wonders Blog, Sentinel News, The Sunburg News, Gilmer Free Press, The Portland Alliance
Date: Sptember 12,13,14,15,19,2018
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