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Best way to get rid of enemy Iran: Get unstuck

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“We are SOS in the Middle East. Stuck on Stupid. Can we get unstuck?

Focusing on Iran while keeping the overall region in mind, most scholars in my field of Peace and Conflict Studies would make some version of the following suggestions:
• Quit sending arms to anyone in the region
• Quit telling Iranian people what to do
• Offer to help, but not militarily
• Start lifting sanctions slowly, unilaterally
• Wait for reciprocity and repeat (Rapoport’s tested game theory)
• Start exchange programs to reintroduce Iranians to the US and Americans to Iran”

Author: Tom H. Hastings
Published in: War is a crime
Sierra County Prospect
The Peace Worker
Gilmer Free Press
Courier Post Online
FARS News Agency
La Progressive
Lahaina News
Sierra County Prospect
Date: August 4,5,8,12,13,17,September 2,2015

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