Difficult discussions, not-so-difficult answers

“There are some things we should not have to discuss with our kids. Ever…”

Author: Laura Finley
Published in: Bainbridge Island Review, Los Angeles City Watch, Sidney Ohio Daily News, Blooomfield Iowa Democrat, Wahpeton North Dakota Daily News, LA Progressive, North Ogden Utah Sentinel News, Concord North Carolina Independent Tribune, The Sierra County Prospect
Date: 2019, August 5. 6
676 words

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Intentional or Incompetence—Voter Suppression Where We Live

“On October 15th, 2018 early voting in Georgia started. I arrived at my polling place at 1:56 p.m. and completed voting at 4:19 p.m. It is reportedthat county officials were not prepared for the turnout. That’s what I observed and experienced…”

Wim Laven
Published in: West Side Gazette, Bainbridge Island Review, The Journal Tribune, Chagrin Valley Today, Counterpunch, The Sunburg News,The Afro American, The Sunburg News, Sierra County Prospect, Denver Urban Spectrum, The Afro American
Date: October 16,17,18,19,22,24,2018
904 Words

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Races about race


“His latest—telling African Americans that they are doing lousy so “what the hell have you got to lose?” is his way to promise…nothing. He has no legitimate policy changes he swears he will implement to change black youth employment numbers”

Tom H. Hastings
Published in: The Dekalb County Dispatch, The Review, Chicago Activism, The Free Weekly, Gilmer Free Press, Eureka Spring News, The Daily Press
Date: August 28,29,30,September 2,2016
647 Words

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Protecting Floridians: Zika, Poisonous Water, and Gun Violence


“Is there anywhere else in the US that is experiencing anything like this? For the past several days, there have been multiple full page articles on or near the front page of the Miami Herald…”

Laura Finley
Published in: LA Progressive, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, The Daily Journal, Chicago Activism, Cullman Sense, North Jersey
Date: August 8,9,10,12,2016
681 Words

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