Gaza in the Light of the Stars

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Winslow Myers
“There is a solution to the difficult problem of war, but it is evolutionary. That feels bizarre to us humans, uncongenially abstract. No, we cannot grow new brains and hearts. But we can evolve how we thinkā€”and feel. We can become more responsive to what reality keeps screaming at us at the top of its lungs: a global population of seven billion and rising, along with nuclear weapons, asserts a grand limit, where the destructive potential of our sheer numbers and our weapons is bigger than the delicate natural systems that support life. Meanwhile we go on applying the hammer of war to ancient grudges that war itself will never solve, instead of expanding the spaces where it feels safe to engage each other from the heart.”

Author: Winslow Myers
Published in:
Counterpunch, Salida Daily Post, Pagosa Daily Post, Las Vegas Informer, Sierra County Prospect
Date: July 27,30, 2014

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