Climate change and consciousness shift

“Climate change: It feels like the approaching End Times….”

Author: Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Popular Resistance, Transcend Media Service, Biddeford Maine Journal Tribune, Winston-Salem North Carolina Chronicle, Islamicity, Sierra County California Prospect, Smirking Chimp
Date: 2019, September 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, October 3
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PC Culture’s Class Blindspot

“In a lecture at the Heartland Festival last year, the Slovenian social philosopher Slavoj Zizek pointed out that proponents of political correctness (PC) often do not bring poor and working-class white people under their mantle of protection…”

Matthew Johnson
Published in: Bainbridge Island Review, The Sunburg News, The Good Men Project, Gilmer Free Press, The Johnstown Breeze
Date: January 4,5,13,19,2019
831 Words

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