For Editors

Welcome to PeaceVoice, a source for thoughtful articles on the world today by Peace Professionals, including members of academia and the non-profit sector.

Yes, PeaceVoice does multiple submissions to various editors across the United States, but markets rarely overlap. We love it when you use our pieces, even if you don’t credit us (though of course we highly appreciate any credit!). We never charge you any fee and never charge our writers any editing or distribution fee. We recognize that the business of small and mid-sized market journalism is in a tough battle for its own survival. We mean to help, not to take anything from your resources. We provide high quality content at no charge to you–read our taglines for very brief qualifications and credentials of our writers. One of our goals is to help intellectuals (who mostly professionally simply write academically for each other) into public intellectuals.

You will only receive pieces from PeaceVoice that are written by academics or high-level practitioners, professionals whose analysis is respected and is often missing from our public discourse.

You are the guardians of that public discourse and we are here to assist you by providing content and, when you use any of our pieces, by providing visitors to our PeaceVoice website with a link back to you, thereby increasing your web traffic.

Although a volunteer likely added your contact to our distribution database, we hope to evolve with you, develop a relationship with you, and make it easier for you to have “press-ready” content from us. Any questions or requests can be made by contacting Dr. Tom Hastings at PeaceVoiceDirector[at] and thank you for joining us in this expansion of forward-looking views from our writers.