Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd

How Prosecutors Think

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“Those in our lives whom we consider to be most objective, who in many ways are paid to be objective, have repeatedly been shown to be anything but objective. Rather, they make decisions that are consistently influenced by unconscious (implicit) bias. White NBA referees call more fouls against black players than against white; MLB umpires are more likely to erroneously call a ball a strike if an all-star pitcher is on the mound; Israeli judges are more likely to grant parole at the beginning of the day than before lunch; doctors are less likely to provide adequate pain medication to patients of color and, because of bias, are prone to predictable errors in diagnostic reasoning.”

Author: Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd
Published in: Las Vegas Informer, Huntington News, Sky Valley Chronicle, Counter Punch, Battle Creek Enquirer, The Gilmer Free Press
Date: December 20,21,31,2014

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