Michael True

Emeritus Professor, Assumption College. Taught American literature and Peace Studies at twenty colleges and universities in the U.S. China, and India

Areas of Expertise:
-American Literature
-Nonviolence Studies

Author of nine books, including “An Energy Field More Intense Than War: The Nonviolent Tradition and American Literature,” 1995; and “People Power: Fifty Peacemakers and Their Communities,” 2007; numerous articles, book reviews, and essays in books and periodicals: Commonweal, America, New Republic, Boston Globe, The Progressive, etc. Ph.D., American Literature, Duke University.

State of the Nation

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“In public addresses, President Obama assures the American people that the U.S. military command is greater than any other in the world. One must wonder if he is aware that the U.S. has not won a war since 1945, as historian Andrew Bacevich notes. Since the Vietnam War, policy makers and military commands responsible for U.S. interventions have not quite lived up to the president’s billing.
The costs of America’s wars have been enormous, in dead and injured American soldiers and wasted resources. The results, including the ignominious defeat in Vietnam, have left the U.S. and the world in worse shape. Wounded veterans from each of these extended wars have returned home, with many ending up homeless or suicidal.”

Author: Michael True
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Date: March 15,July 13,16,17,20,2015

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