Martha Hennessy

Weeding roses in Kabul

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“Kabul — Outside the windows of the room where I sleep here in Kabul, the Afghan Peace Volunteer (APV) women’s community maintains a small walled garden filled with roses. The community planted tomatoes, cilantro, and greens. An apricot tree grows in one corner, a mulberry tree in another. The prayer call, chanted from a nearby mosque, awakens me just before dawn. Light appears in the sky around four, and soon after, the doves and neighborhood children begin to stir. Normal activities and routines persist here in Afghanistan, despite the decades of war and impoverishment. Military helicopters roar through the skies as sounds generated by ordinary workaday tasks fill the air: the whine of a machine cutting sheet metal mixes with a jingle played by an ice cream cart rolling down the street.”

Author: Martha Hennessy
Published in: Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Z Net
Counter Currents
Dissident Voice
Common Dreams
Tikkun Daily
La Progressive
Las Vegas Informer
The Peace Worker
The Call
Gilmer Free Press
Date: June 19,20,25,26,30,July 1,3,2015

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