The Great American Awakening

Robert Koehler

“Old wounds break open. Deep, encrusted wrongs are suddenly visible. The streets flow with anger and solidarity. The past and the future meet…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Recorder Online, LA Progressive, Pagosa Daily Post, Common Wonders Blog, Bainbridge Island Review, Information Clearing House, Common Dreams, Newberry Observer, The Sentinel-Progress, Tribune Content Agency, Counterpunch, Free Press, New Clear Vision, Resistance Times, Truthout, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, Rinf Alternative News, Epeak World News, The Pelican Web, Las Vegas Sun, Information Clearing House, Blogster, Kollinos Blog, The Trump Impeachment blog, Conscious Life News, A Field Negro, The Free Weekly, IslamiCity, San Francisco Informer, The Raven Foundation, Eureka Spring News, Huffington Post, New Clear Vision, The Smirking Chimp
Date: February 15,16,17,18,19,22,23,25, March 14,2017
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Resistance gone mainstream


“When reality show celebrity Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, many of us who professionally and passionately work for peace and justice knew…”

Patrick T. Hiller
Published in: World Beyond War, Pace e Bene, Bainbridge Island Review, The Vidette, Hood River News, Gilmer Free Press, San Francisco Informer, The Sunburg News
Date: February 9,11,17,21, March 29,30,2017
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Nonviolent Resistance to Trump: Creative, Powerful . . . and Growing


“The rise of Donald Trump has been infuriating, horrifying, and ridiculous all at once. Meanwhile, what we, the People, are doing to resist injustice…”

Rivera Sun
Published in: Counterpunch, Rivera Sun’s Blog, Roots Action, Pace e Bene, The Free Weekly, Bainbridge Island Review, Tacoma Weekly, Eureka Spring News, Pacifica Tribune, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press, Resistance Times, The Sunburg News
Date: February 3,5,9,11,14,15,16,20, March 20,2017
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Divest from War, Invest in People


“All Trump, all the time. With a punishing, disorienting barrage of executive orders, President Trump is reversing hard fought gains made in environmental protection…”

Kathy Kelly
Published in: Code Pink, Counterpunch, The Smirking Chimp, Pax Christi USA, Gorilla Radio Blog, Counter Currents, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Veterans For Peace, Mountain Messenger, The Plymouth Institute For Peace Research, Veterans For Peace Chicago, Eurasia Review, The Newberry Observer, RI Central, The Palestine Chronicle, Pace E Bene, Western New York Peace Center, Z Net, The Clermont Sun, Las Vegas Sun, BBS News
Date: January 28,30,31, February 1,2,3,4,10,15, March 22,2017
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The Birth of a Movement

Robert Koehler

“The sense of resistance was fierce: “Grab ’em by the profits” . . . “Keep your hands out of my wherever” . . . “Not Declawed” . . .”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Common Dreams, Huffington Post, The Raven Foundation, Counterpunch, Common Wonders Blog, IslamiCity, The Raven Foundation, The Smirking Chimp, Tribune Content Agency, Las Vegas Informer, Free Press, Celebrities Global
Date: January 25,26,27,29,2017, March 31,2017
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