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Students: Time is Ripe to Add Gender to Gun Debate

“It’s time to listen to the students. Across the country, teenagers have walked out of classes, stood in holy silence, and delivered stirring speeches calling out their elders…”

Rob Okun
Published in: Women’s ENews, Tacoma Weekly, Chagrin Valley Today, Bainbridge Island Review, Counterpunch, Gilmer Free Press, The Recoder-Greenfield, Madison Press, Rob Okun
Date: March 22,23,28,April 3,2018
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Think Outside the Protest Box

“Protest. Petition. Call your senators. Nothing changes, right? No matter how large our demonstrations get, no matter how many millions of people write and petition politicians…”

Rivera Sun
Published in: Counterpunch, Pagosa Daily Post, KPC News, Rivera Sun’s Blog, Pace e Bene, Popular Resistance, The PeaceWorker, Gilmer Free Press
Date: March 20,21,26,27,28,April 2,2018
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