Thank you Bernie


“Bernie Sanders, over the past 15 months you have awakened our nation.”

Robert F. Dodge, M.D.
Published in: Sierra County Prospect
Date: July 27,2016
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Thank you Bernie
712 Words
By Robert F. Dodge, M.D.

Bernie Sanders, over the past 15 months you have awakened our nation.

You have given voice to a movement of the people that recognizes the interconnectedness of the critical issues that face our nation and world. You have articulated the needs and pathways to solutions of these issues.

You have given us hope for the future, fighting for our children and the world they will inherit.

From peace to social, economic, racial and environmental justice you have enlightened us to the realities, possibilities and necessity of working together on each of these issues. You have shown true leadership and courage when so many others have chosen only to follow.


You have emphasized a need to prioritize diplomatic solutions rather than military solutions to the global problems. Your push for entirely renewable carbon free energy sources would eliminate wars fought for resources while simultaneously reducing climate change and the conflict that ensues from the loss of global food production, water and finite resources. As for the greatest threat to the peace, nuclear war, you are the only candidate that pushed for the elimination of nuclear weapons and an end to the renewed arms race and expenditure of $1 trillion. And you are one of only three senators supporting the S.A.N.E. Act calling for significant nuclear weapons expenditure reductions.


Social – You have fought tirelessly for the rights of all Americans regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation to realize the full promise of equality that is our birthright as Americans. You have also fought for the health of our nation providing universal healthcare as a right, including reproductive health without government interference.

Economic – Your demand for a $15 minimum wage coupled with your push for K-16 debt-free college tuition to lift families from poverty has set the bar for this campaign and shed a light on the inequalities we face in our country and the despair that follows. For it is poverty that is at the core of so many of the problems we face. You have led the fight against the big banks and the economic impact of corporate America and their uber-rich executives in the fight to end Citizens United.

Racial – You have fought to end mass incarceration that comes from institutionalized racism in our country. This has broken apart families and entire communities as the war on drugs has become the new Jim Crow. You have articulated the path out of despair from ending poverty and the war on drugs.

Environmental – Your fight to end our addiction to fossil fuels, ending fracking and toward 100 percent safe renewable energy is essential for the future of our planet. You have listened and spoken about environmental justice and the impacts to health and hope it has upon our poorest communities.

Your campaign has made each of us acutely aware of the need for campaign finance reform – leading by example. You have also made clear the need to do away with anti-democratic superdelegates who are not representative of the people. You have done all of this in the face of a rigged game and have never given up. You have shown us the path and the responsibility now is ours collectively.

This movement is unstoppable. You have forever changed the political process and you did so with grace. We the people thank you. It is now our responsibility to move forward to realize these goals. We will hold our elected officials accountable for the achievement of these goals. The platform you have helped to create will serve as a benchmark for our success. Leaders who are unable or unwilling to work for these aims will be replaced.

You have reminded us that it is not about any single candidate; rather it is about the critical issues of our time and our future.

When our children’s children ask, what did you do when the planet was threatened and people’s lives were at risk and undervalued I will be proud to say I stood with you and fought for the change that was necessary.

It’s all connected.

Thank you Bernie Sanders. The revolution continues. Our future depends upon it.

The ideas expressed in this article are the opinions of Dr. Robert Dodge and do not represent the organizations upon whose board he sits.

Robert F. Dodge, M.D., is a practicing family physician, writes for PeaceVoice, and serves on the boards of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Beyond War, Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles, and Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions.

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