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Jesus and the G.I.

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“Recently a set of very powerful images came across the web in one of those emails that circulate around the country. The opening line said, “If this doesn’t get to you, nothing will.” I thought I could just ignore it, but I couldn’t. It got to me. I found myself waking up at night seeing these tragic images that showed a young woman, sleeping beside a coffin that held the remains of her soldier-husband. I wanted to put my arms around her, to comfort her, to hold her and say, “It will be alright.” But it won’t. Her loss is irreplaceable, her grief inconsolable. And at the end of the string of images was a tag line—the lesson we were supposed to learn from this. “The only two people who ever laid down their lives for you are Jesus Christ and the American G.I.””

Author: Kent Shifferd
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