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Wittner Lawrence History of peace and nuclear disarmament movements; history of U.S. foreign and military policy; international history; nuclear arms control and disarmament
Wilcox LukeCivilian Peace-building, Iraq, Reconciliation, Truth Commissions, Civil Society, Democracy
Van Hook Stephanie N. nonviolence, Gandhi, personal and social transformation, issues related to women and gender, human nature
Tuohey Brendan Brendan has led PPI as its Executive Director since its founding, as the organization has expanded to Israel and the West Bank, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Cyprus. His expertise includes peacebuilding, sport-for-development, international sports, and sport and philanthropy.
True Michael -American Literature -Peace -Conflict -Nonviolence Studies
Tenga JoseStrategic (Peace) Policy Analysis, Design and Coordination -Sustainable Multi-sector, Multi-donor Project Management -Stakeholder (including government) Consultations and problem-solving -Budgeting and Financial Management, Capacity building, Negotiations and Dispute Resolution
Taylor Laura K. Conflict transformation, transitional justice, reconciliation, child development, youth and political violence, psychosocial resilience processes, developmental psychopathology
Swanson David -War and peace -Politics -Activism
Shofner Terri Human Computer Interaction, Web and Mobile Technologies, Database design, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Focused Ion Beam Methodologies and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy.
Scheurer Bill Peace, Faith, Politics, Culture
Ride Anouk Conflict and Communication, Community Resilience Natural Disasters Media and Conflict Indigenous peoples and natural resource management Pacific Islands & Australasia
Rajasekaran E. James -Slum Communities
Myers Winslow
McBride Jontransformation of conflict resolution
LaMuth John E. -Peace Psychology -Mediation -Neuroscience
Harris Ian-Peace education -Peace studies -Community development -Male identity
Hansen Tobin M. Latin America, Mexico, Latinos in the U.S., borderlands, drug-trafficking, drug violence.
Gerson JosephU.S. Foreign and Military Policies. Specializing in Asia-Pacific; Middle East; NATO; Nuclear Weapons/Disarmament; Foreign Military Bases
Finley LauraPeace education: University’s inclusion of peace concepts in teacher preparatory curriculum; comparison of peace education training in the U.S. and other countries; Teachers support for peace education training.   Human Rights: U.S. use of torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.   School privacy rights: Student, teacher and administrator perceptions of drug testing and other searches in schools; impact; disparity in application of; legal issues; media coverage; cross-cultural comparisons.   Public privacy rights: Public and police understanding of search and seizure; impact of USA Patriot Act.   Domestic Violence; Public knowledge of; understanding of rape myths; interventions with athletes.   School-violence policies: Perceptions of need; perceptions of policy impact by teachers, administrators and students; comparison by size and location of school; comparison with U.K; role of school climate in perceptions of and actual safety. Sport deviance: Perceptions of what constitutes hazing by gender and sport type; support for illegal drug use among semi-elite athletes.
Dickinson Eliot -Immigration -South African politics -Austria
Bretherton Diane -Peace psychology -Conflict resolution
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