Matthew Johnson

Truth and Reconciliation for Gender-based Offenses

“I was very inspired by the bold New York Times piece “Eight Stories of Men’s Regret,” published in response to the polarized debate over now-Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Not only is it brave to confess one’s past transgressions, but it is also necessary for accountability, which is the missing link of #MeToo…”

Matthew Johnson
Published in: Salem News, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press, Sentinel News, Baltimore Times, Counterpunch, Bainbridge Island Review, The Sunburg News
Date: October 24,25,26,29,2018
509 Words

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Kavanaugh Confirmed: Where Do We Go From Here?

“The dust has settled on Judge Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court and the strong, complex emotions associated with it. Despite being the least popular, most polarizing nominee in recent memory, his legacy is far from settled. It remains to be seen whether progressives’ worst fears or conservatives’ best hopes will come to fruition…”

Laura Finley and Matthew Johnson
Published in: Bainbridge Island Review
Date: October 19,2018
721 Words

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Why Conservatives (Still) Like Kavanaugh

“Senator Collins should be proud of herself. She will now potentially go down in history as the woman who made the overthrow of Roe v. Wade possible — despite her allegedly pro-choice views…”

Matthew Johnson
Published in: Counterpunch, The News-Herald, Bainbridge Island Review, Sky Valley Chronicle, The News-Herald, Sierra County Prospect, The Sunburg News, The Westside Gazette
Date: October 8,9,10,2018
623 Words

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Cancel Kavanaugh

“It is shameful that we are still talking about Bret Kavanaugh. He should be gone. Finished. Yesterday’s news. After the latest allegation of sexual assault against him by one of his classmates at Yale, a clear pattern has been established that reveals the Supreme Court nominee…”

Matthew Johnson
Published in: West Side Gazette, The Sunburg News, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect
Date: September 24,26,2018
609 Words

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