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Fouling Our Own Nest & Draining Our Wallets: It’s Time to Divest from Endless Wars

“Just one month into a new decade, we face an ever-increasing risk of nuclear apocalypse. The U.S. government’s assassination of Iranian General Soleimani on January 3 intensified the very real threat of another all-out war in the Middle East. On January 23, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists accordingly reset the Doomsday Clock to just 100 short seconds to midnight, apocalypse…”

Greta Zarro
Published in: Counterpunch, The Peace Worker, World Beyond War, Faribault Daily News, L.A. Progressive, Environmentalist Against War, Anti War, Sentinel News, The Chronicle, City Watch LA, The Berlin Sun,
Date: January 29,31,February 1,5,2020
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Maneuvering hell for our advantage

“When the mainstream media writes about war, even critically, the image that often comes to mind for me is an infant wrapped in plastic…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Fergus Falls Journal, Antiwar, Pagosa Daily Post, Tribune Content Agency, The Smirking Chimp, Common Dreams, Buzz Flash, Transcend Media Service, Global Research, Press and Journal, Counterpunch, Sentinel News, The Peace Worker
Date: January 29,30,February 3,5,2020
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Could the climate crisis be “The Good News of Damnation”?

“On August 12, 1945, six days after the U.S. government obliterated the city of Hiroshima with a single atomic bomb, Robert Hutchins, the president of the University of Chicago, delivered a remarkable public address. Speaking on his weekly radio program, the Chicago Roundtable, Hutchins observed that Leon Bloy, a French philosopher, had referred to “the good news of damnation” under the assumption that only the fear of perpetual hellfire would motivate moral behavior…”

Lawrence Wittner
Published in: Counterpunch, History News Network, Bainbridge Island Review, War is a Crime, Daily Koss, Reader Supported News, Dissident Voice, Z Net, The Russophile, The Chronicle, LA Progressive, Sentinel News
Date: January 29,2020
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Turning Point: The new documentary “Coup 53”

“A historical turning point is a moment, perhaps small, perhaps larger, that becomes uniquely causative of events that follow. Obvious examples might include the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand that set off World War One, the U.S. Supreme Court handing the election to George W. Bush instead of Al Gore, or 9-11…”

Winslow Myers
Published in: Counterpunch, The Smirking Chimp, Eagle Times, The Peace Worker
Date: January 24,26,28,2020

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