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White nationalism and public health

“George Wallace ran for president in 1968 and garnered a great deal of support from white working class voters, though by then he had learned to use code words and phrases to substitute for overtly racist language—hence his focus on “welfare” and “crime,” “drugs,” “thugs,” and “law and order.” His base comprised white nationalists, largely from the South. Northern white working-class voters were mostly solidly Democrat—until black people finally grew tired of waiting and waiting for economic equality, and until Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. …”

Author: Leslie D. Gregory and Tom H. Hastings
Published in: LA Progressive, Common Dreams, Claremont New Hampshire Eagle Times, Emmitsburg Maryland News-Journal, Sierra County California Prospect, Nation of Change, Berlin New Hampshire Sun, North Ogden Utah Sentinal News
Date: 2019: December 30, 31 2020: January 3, 9, 13
1239 words

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