Monthly Archives: October 2019

In for a dime, in for a dollar

“Many years ago, when we played what we called ‘penny-ante poker,’ there was always an unhappy participant who, as the evening wore on, slid more and more of his chips…”

Author: Steve Klinger
Published in: Sierra County California Prospect, Bainbridge Island Review, Winston-Salem North Carolina Chronicle, Counterpunch, Emmitsburg Maryland News-Journal, Gilmer West Virginia Free Press, North Ogden Utah Sentinel
Date: 2019, October 12, 15, 16
888 words

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The game of musical chairs

“Just about anyone who’s grown up in the United States will remember playing Musical Chairs in school. Our teachers…”

Author: Vicki Ryder
Published in: LA Progressive, Broward County Florida Westside Gazette, Davis California Enterprise, Like the Dew: A Progressive Journal of Southern Culture and Politics, ZNet, Gilmer Texas Mirror, Gonzales Louisiana Weekly Citizen, Pagosa Springs Colorado Daily Post, Berlin Maine Sun, Bainbridge Island Review,
Date: 2019, October 7, 8, 9, 10, 22
599 words

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