Monthly Archives: June 2018

Reaching and listening across the divide

“When 18 Leverett, Mass. residents launched their grassroots effort just after the 2016 election, they were struggling to understand how the political opposites of their town…”

Richie Davis
Published in: The Elizabethton Star, Sierra County Prospect, Bainbridge Island Review, Sentinel News, Gilmer Free Press, Superior Telegram, Daily Yonder, Brewminate
Date: June 25,27,July 3,13,2018
356 Words

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Of Time and Immigration

“There is a certain tyranny to the 24-hour news cycle, a certain grip on human awareness and attention. We have been rightly consumed by the Trump administration’s policy…”

Andrew Moss
Published in: Madison Press, Post Independent Citizen Telegram, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, South Coast Today, RICentral, Bainbridge Island Review, Cheney Free Press
Date: June 25,27,28,29,30,July 1,2018
696 Words

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Crying Children and Due Process of Law

“Being a lawyer, I have long been interested in and have studied the question, where did law come from? It turns out to have been the result of a centuries long…”

Kary Love
Published in: Counterpunch, LA Progressive, Satish Sharma’s Rotigraphy Blog, Sierra County Prospect, Stories in the News, Bainbridge Island Review, Bluffon Icon, Emmitsburg, Gilmer Free Press
Date: June 23,24,25,27,28,July 8,2018
1125 Words

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