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Raising boys to love and care, not kill

“Heart contracts; numbness and tears collide. Ten dead, 13 wounded; this time in Santa Fe. If we’re ever to end the bloodbaths, we have to put gender at the center of the national conversation about mass murders…”

Rob Okun
Published in: The Recoder-Greenfield, Superior Telegram, The Gilmer Mirror, The DallasMorning News, Counterpunch, Voice Male Magazine, Times Union, The Sunburg News
Date: May 23,24,25,26,29,June 7,2018
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It’s Not Always All About Trump

“John Bolton and Mike Pence must have known what they were doing. President Trump’s national security adviser and Vice President could not have been oblivious that advocating…”

Kevin Martin
Published in: The Emporia , Counterpunch, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, Bainbridge Island Review, Peace Action New York state
Date: May 25,26,30,June 11,17,2018
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