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Human Decency Moves Civilization Forward

James Haught

“Remember a semi-comic Cold War movie, “The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming”? A deadly Soviet Union nuclear submarine”

James A. Haught
Published in: ArcaMax, The Review, Eagle Times, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, The Johnstown Breeze, TC Palm, Gilmer Free Press, The Bulletin 225, The New Port Miner, Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly’ Blog, Charleston Gazette-Mail, North Jersey, Hanford Sentinel, The Korea Times, Pioneer Big Rapids News, The Orange Leader, Herald and News, The Free Weekly, Transcend Media Service, Before It’s News, Chicago Activism, The PeaceWorker, The Sunburg News
Date: September 19,20,21,24,25,26,October 21,2016, February 12,2017
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Your rights and our election


“Rights. We are inundated with a great deal of loose talk about “rights.” What sorts of them? Legal rights. Civil rights. Natural rights. Human rights. Constitutional rights. God-given rights. Is there a difference? Says who?”

Tom H. Hastings
Published in: Eagle Times, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, Gilmer Free Press, The Orange Leader, Chicago Activism, Nation of Change
Date: September 20,21,24,27,2016
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