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The Debate: They Both Bombed It

Robert Koehler

“There was more than one loser in the big debate, but that’s no surprise. I hardly expected any issues of substance to get serious air time, let alone intelligent commentary, in Monday’s 90-minute presidential race spectacle, but something — something — matters here enormously…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: The Raven Foundation, Huffington Post, Common Dreams, Critical Studies, Tribune Content Agency, Common Wonders Blog, Chicago Activism, The Smirking Chimp, Battle Creek Enquirer, IslamiCity
Date: September 29,20,30,October 1,3,2016
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Presidential Debate Recommendations


“Like many others, I was deeply disturbed by much of what I heard (and saw) during the presidential debate on September 26. From Donald Trump’s difficulty breathing to his repeated interruptions”

Laura Finley
Published in: Counterpunch, Grassroots Press, Chicago Activism, Sierra County Prospect, Eagle Times
Date: September 30, October 3,4,2016
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Manifesting the worst old norms


“A half-century ago I was a 17-year-old who had just been hired to do door-to-door canvassing for the Minneapolis Housing Authority to inform people in the poorest neighborhoods that they could nominate community members to serve on the board of the agency.”

Tom H. Hastings
Published in: The Knoxville Journal-Express, The Daily Press, LA Progressive, Nation of Change, Sierra County Prospect, Counterpunch, Baltimore Times, Chicago Activism, The Forum, Gilmer Free Press, Eagle Times
Date: September 20,29,30,October 10,2016
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The Long, Long Journey to Female Equality

James Haught

“With the possibility of America’s first woman president looming, it’s appropriate to consider the monumental struggle for gender equality.”

James A. Haught
Published in: Charleston Gazette-Mail, Pagosa Daily Post, New Haven Register, The Gulf Today, Counterpunch, Tacoma Weekly, Chicago Activism, Gilmer Free Press, Z Net, The Orange Leader, Courier & Press, The Free Weekly, Transcend Media Service, Evansville Courier Press
Date: September 29,October 2,5,6,9,24,2016
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Where Is That Wasteful Government Spending?


“In early September 2016, Donald Trump announced his plan for a vast expansion of the U.S. military, including 90,000 new soldiers for the Army…”

Lawrence S. Wittner
Published in: Antiwar, History News Network, Sierra County Prospect, Grassroots Press, Lahaina News, LA Progressive, Pioneer Big Rapids News, Counterpunch, Truthout, Gilmer Free Press, Huffington Post, Z Net, The Sunburg News
Date: September 25,26,27,28,October 1,8,20,24,2016, February 11,2017
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A Good Beginning


“It seems that some who have the ears of U.S. elite decision-makers are at least shifting away from wishing to provoke wars with Russia and China.”

Kathy Kelly
Published in: Antiwar, LA Progressive, Huffington Post, Rise Up Times, Truthout, Pagosa Daily Post, Counterpunch, War is a Crime, Gilmer Free Press, The Free Weekly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Date: September 7,8,10,21,26,29,October 7,2016
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