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Does the Democratic Party Have a Progressive Platform–and Does It Matter?


“Shortly after the Democratic Party’s platform committee concluded its deliberations this July, Bernie Sanders announced: “Thanks to the millions of people across the country who got involved in the political process…”

Lawrence S. Wittner
Published in: Eagle Times, Huffington Post, Counterpunch, History News Network, Grassroots Press, Chicago Activism, Sierra County Prospect, Z Net, Gilmer Free Press, Valley Voice, War is a Crime, Eureka Spring News, Daily Kos, LA Progressive, The Free Weekly, Newberry Observer, The Daily Journalist
Date: August 27,29,31, September 1,2016
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Races about race


“His latest—telling African Americans that they are doing lousy so “what the hell have you got to lose?” is his way to promise…nothing. He has no legitimate policy changes he swears he will implement to change black youth employment numbers”

Tom H. Hastings
Published in: The Dekalb County Dispatch, The Review, Chicago Activism, The Free Weekly, Gilmer Free Press, Eureka Spring News, The Daily Press
Date: August 28,29,30,September 2,2016
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