Daily Archives: May 2, 2016

Changing the Conversation About “The Woman Card”


“The “woman card.” It’s so much nonsense. Donald Trump is merely the latest to accuse a woman of playing identity politics because she, well, actually discussed the fact that the U.S. still has much to improve in terms of gender equality…”

Laura Finley
Published in: The Rancho Santa Fe News, Z Net, Eureka Spring News, The Free Weekly, Washington Monthly, Los Angeles Informer, Tacoma Weekly, Gilmer Free Press, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, Grassroots Press, Superior Telegram
Date: May 2,3,4,5,6,13,15,26,2016
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Remembering Nonviolent History: Freedom Rides


“By May 1961, federal law had already ruled that segregation on interstate, public buses was illegal. Southern states, however, maintained segregation in seating, and at bus station bathrooms, waiting rooms and drinking fountains.”

Rivera Sun
Published in: Pace e Bene, Los Angeles Informer, Gilmer Free Press, Love in Action Network, Counterpunch, Sierra County Prospect, Rivera Sun’s Blog, Transcend Media Service
Date: May 3,4,5,8,9,14,15,2016
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Remembering Daniel Berrigan, with Gratitude


“Daniel Berrigan has died, and so we have lost our great teacher who, flinty and generous and relentlessly persistent, taught us how to live in a culture of death and madness:“Find some people you can pray with and march with.””

Ken Butigan
Published in: Grassroots Press, Counterpunch, The Gilmer Mirror, Pace e Bene, The Greeneville Sun, Los Angeles Informer, South Coast Today
Date: May 2,3,2015
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Celebrating Mother Jones and Labor on May Day


“This week commemorates the anniversary of the Haymarket Affair, International Workers’ Day, and the claimed birthday of Mother Mary Harris Jones. While the United States’ official Labor Day falls in September, the international community celebrates workers…”

Rivera Sun
Published in: Counterpunch, Rivera Sun’s Blog, Transcend Media Service, Grassroots Press, Times of Earth
Date: May 1,2,2016
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