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Escalating U.S. Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians in Mosul, Iraq

Nicolas Davies2

“USA Today revealed on April 19th that U.S. air forces have been operating under looser rules of engagement in Iraq and Syria since last fall. The war commander, Lt Gen McFarland, now orders air strikes that are expected to kill up to 10 civilians…”

Nicolas J S Davies
Published in: Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Antiwar
Date: April 27,May 2,2016
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Opening the Closed Political Culture

Robert Koehler

“The headline, from the Los Angeles Times, hit me like a sucker punch: “Voters’ ‘Bernie or Bust’ efforts persist despite Sanders’ vow not to be another Ralph Nader.”
Actually, it was worse than that…”

Robert C. Koehler
Published in: Huffington Post, The Daily Star, Truthout, The Raven Foundation, The Smirking Chimp, Grassroots Press, Gilmer Free Press, Z Net, IslamiCity
Date: April 28,29,May 11,26,2016
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Sanctions and Defiance in North Korea


“Sanctions on North Korea have failed.
North Korea has now been sanctioned five times by the United Nations Security Council for its nuclear and missile tests: resolutions 1718…”

Mel Gurtov
Published in: Counterpunch, The Asia Pacific Journal, Antiwar, Times of Earth, Mel Gurtov Blog, The Chronicle – Zimbawe, The Russophile, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect
Date: April 23,27,29,May 1,2,9,2016
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We live or die alone and together

“Candidates! Can we focus on worthy issues?
We hear about each candidate’s tax return but almost nothing about each US taxpayer contributing half of her or his withholding to the Pentagon.”

tom H. Hastings
Published in: Pagosa Daily Post, Counterpunch, Newberry Observer, Nation of Change, Chicago Activism, Gilmer Free Press
Date: April 21,22,23,29,2016
657 Words

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