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Repeal of the death penalty is a step toward peace

“Antonyms for “peace” could be any of the following: War, disagreement, hate, discord, agitation, disharmony, distress, frustration, upset, worry, disturbance.
We can add the “death penalty” as an antonym to “peace.”

The American death penalty is the tip of the sword that is emblematic of the violent nature that continues to exist in much of our land.”

Author: Ron Steiner
Published in: Herald and News, Fountain of Light
Date: February 8,10,2016
485 Words

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Opening Your Heart for Valentine’s Day

“In the United States, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated widely with candy, flowers, and private expressions of affection. I proposed to my wife on Valentine’s Day and my kindergartner daughter, who was born on its eve, observes it with heartfelt cards to friends and family. I never suspected that St. Valentine’s Day, so sweet and whimsical, actually stands tribute for the ancient struggle against war and oppression.”

Author: Arvin Paranjpe
Published in: Bozone, Palo Verde Valley Times, Taunton Daily Gazette, Newberry Observer, Times of Earth, Gilmer Free Press, Sierra County Prospect, Boulder Weekly, Herald News, Counterpunch
Date: February 8,10,11,12,14,2016
538 Words

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WAAAHHHH…but we don’t wanna get arrested!!

“As the macho, gun-toting, testosterone-addled cowboys who took over the wildlife refuge in Oregon call it quits, their pitiful whine can be heard all the way to Florida: “Waaahhh…but we don’t wanna get arrested…”

So much for the rugged-individualists and badass proponents of personal responsibility.”

Author: Mike Ferner
Published in: Counterpunch, Huntington News, Recorder Online, Counter Currents, War is a Crime, The PeaceWorker
Date: February 2,7,8,9,2016
424 Words

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